This is what we made for the word Zigzag

[zig-ˌzag] - noun

:having short sharp turns or angles

Highs & Lows

Carly Ayres

High: and just like that, we zig zogged our way through 26 hours together. a weird phrase we throw around a lot as a team is: "When they zig, we.... [insert literally any other verb than zag— roll on the floor, scream loudly, bang pots and pans.. the list goes on]." it's a fun way of reminding each other that just because something has been done one say before doesn't mean that that's how it needs to be done, or even should be, moving forward. in that same nature, our name is a made-up word of its own, nothing that existed before (to our knowledge), and certainly not recognized by any word processing software as a legitimate word —hence the ever-present red zigzag. and so it goes.
Low: none! we did it! i kept saying to andrew and nicky throughout this that it was such a great project for us, particularly right now, and at new inc. as painful as it feels right now, i have a feeling that we might end up doing it again. we've barely scratched the surface of this conversation and i look forward to synthesizing learnings after a long nap.

Andrew Herzog

High: I've been trying to make this saying stick. It goes something like, "when they zig, we __________." The typical saying is, "we zag." But, people expect you to zag and I don't think we should ever try to make work that people expect. So whenever we say it we fill that blank in with things not even related to zig or zag like, "When they zig, we jump up and down" or "When they zig, we make a movie." It doesn't really make sense but in my mind it does in the context of what we are trying to do as a studio. HAWRAF is a made up word. When you spell it in any word processing program it gets the red underline. Because it doesn't exist it has no meaning and no context. Because we are new and serve no expected direction we can do anything.
Low: None. This was the greatest project I have had the pleasure of being a part of thus far. I look forward to looking back at the body of work made over these 26 hours and seeing how far we've come.

Nicky Tesla

High: Was gonna say we out here but I guess that doesn’t quite cut it. Recapping— I think this went really well, I underestimated the part where we responded to 26 briefs but I think I also underestimated our ability as a team to come up with a quality idea and produce something as effectively as we were able to. Not to say that I didn’t think we were up to the challenge, just that I’m impressed with and fond of many of the projects we made over the course of these hours.
Low: N/A