This is what we made for the word X-ray

[eks-ˌrā] - verb

:to examine and make images of (things, such as the bones and organs inside the body) by using X-rays

Highs & Lows

Carly Ayres

High: finally got that sketch in! enjoyed some cathartic doodling for this one.
Low: nope nope nope

Andrew Herzog

High: We settled on a concept SUPER quick. I honestly don't think it's from the severe tiredness. I mean, what else can you do with x-ray? We got to draw again which I always enjoy and it seemed like everyone could use something specific to really focus their energy on.
Low: Again we finished kind of early but Carly had to swap the live streams so it worked out.

Nicky Tesla

High: Nothing super high.
Low: Nothing super low.