This is what we made for the word Wink

[wiŋk] - verb

:a reflex that closes and opens the eyes rapidly

:briefly shut the eyes

Highs & Lows

Carly Ayres

High: winking is sort of my thing, so glad i was able to put that into action for this one.
Low: i'm definitely struggling at this point, and not feeling too hot in more ways than one. almost there.

Andrew Herzog

High: Eyes are fun. Winks are fun. Carly is like known for her winks. Lolz. But we went a little deeper with the wink. She is winking morse code that says "thanks for watching." She did a great job. Visually I think the video is really nice too.
Low: We finished so early now we have to wait for the next hour to move on. We're starting to fade.

Nicky Tesla

High: This one was quick, easy, and really nice. Triple whammy!
Low: Eh, none, just sleepy, that's all