This is what we made for the word Sofa

[sō-fə] - noun

: a long and comfortable piece of furniture on which a person can sit or lie down

Highs & Lows

Carly Ayres

High: we made a couch! furniture was definitely on our list so ok
Low: i think the couch could've been stronger if we designed it ourselves and projected it to lay it out. sizing was a lil weird, and i think we're a lil tired, so i'll let it slide but i think our next couch will be amazing for sure.

Andrew Herzog


Nicky Tesla

High: Back on schedule and Andrew just walked in. Think we did a good job executing pretty quickly and knocked another to-do type project off the list.
Low: Didn't have too much involvement in this one and wish that I could have helped out a bit more, other than small comments. Feeling rough rn but hopeful we're gonna keep chugging through!