This is what we made for the word Kind

[kīnd] - adjective, noun

:agreeable; conducive to comfort

:a category of things distinguished by some common characteristic or quality

Highs & Lows

Carly Ayres

High: we got a little weird with this one. we rearranged the letters in kind to form dink, and then we had a pack of kind bars, so decided to do an unsolicited rebrand of KIND to become DINK, "kind of a kind bar." i didn't want to add nuts, but nicky did, and i came around and i'm glad i did. looks great.
Low: nicky and i tackled product while andrew handled the packaging, so i think the two felt a little disjointed, but overall pretty amped about the result.

Andrew Herzog

High: This one was fun. Weird but definitely fun. We got to mess around with Plato which we haven't yet.
Low: No low on this one. We were able to concept and execute in a pretty timely manner.

Nicky Tesla

High: Had a lot of fun with this one and I think it’s really funny too. Definitely one of our weirder projects.
Low: Was a second where it wasn’t sure if we were all moving in the same direction on it but I think we were in sync enough to get something done.