This is what we made for the word Jive

[jīv] - noun

:a style of jazz played by big bands with flowing rhythms

:dance to jive music

Highs & Lows

Carly Ayres

High: this one definitely challenged our limits technically — none of us had any experience using music-production software, but decided to pursue it anyways. nicky is a bit of an audiophile, so he experimented with that while andrew and i worked on a visual component based on step charts. the gamble (mostly) worked, and we ended up having two pieces that we combined at the end.
Low: neither piece felt particularly exceptional, but i think it was a good start to something that we might be able to brush off further down the road. i could see this developing into a few other projects.

Andrew Herzog

High: We made two things in an hour! We made a song and a visual for it. Pretty happy with that. Nicky figured out how to make a track and Carly and I made a visual for it. Pretty low-fi but I dig.
Low: No lows on this one. Learned from early to take the time to go back and reshoot stuff instead of trying to rush through it. I feel like we are really learning how to use the hour.

Nicky Tesla

High: Was skeptical at first but again for the sake of variety glad that we got to do something a little different. V Glad Andrew had an idea for a visual that helped round out the project a bit.
Low: Was hard to get done — no experience using digital beat makers so finding something understandable and usable in ~30min and putting together a ‘jazz beat’ didn’t really go that well.