This is what we made for the word Initial

[i-ˈni-shəl] - adjective

:occurring at the beginning

Highs & Lows

Carly Ayres

High: we had pretty solid idea for a short film right out of the gate, quickly worked together to build a list of shots, evaluate, and choose the final set — then shoot, andrew slickly edited together on premiere and now we have this lovely lil video. overall, pretty psyched.
Low: feeling pretty great about this one. i feel a bit of guilt whenever i'm not carrying much of the technical / production work, but that's something to think about as far as how we approach projects moving forward.

Andrew Herzog

High: We had an idea right off the bat. Super helpful when it comes to executing. We made a video of things right before they happen. It went pretty smoothly. I like making little films.
Low: Wish I knew how the technical stuff of film making better i.e. color correction.

Nicky Tesla

High: Carly landed on a great concept immediately. Was skeptical while filming ‘right before you _____” but I think Andrew shot and edited it really well. Time management was also ++++.
Low: Nothing really. If we had more time we could have used some more of our ideas in the short film.