This is what we made for the word Gobi

[gō-(ˌ)bē] - noun

:a desert in central China

Highs & Lows

Carly Ayres

High: we started with one concept, but were open and flexible to shifting focus when it seems like one wasn't working as well. i think the result is unexpected (for us) and im into it.
Low: no big lows — i think this was a bit of a material exploration that, ofc, given more time we would've fleshed out into a series or more.

Andrew Herzog

High: Another quick ideation period. We changed paths midway through the execution this time which seemed to really save it. The original idea didn't feel strong enough once we got to the execution phase so I was glad that we all communicated and evolved it.
Low: No reals lows. Had we not been able to collectively pivot midway I think it wouldn't have been as successful so that was good.

Nicky Tesla

High: I think our original plan was too ambitious and we made a couple of pivots to get it to an executable thing. I think the pictures don’t do it justice but as a texture it’s kind of interesting. Desert Camo FW ’16.
Low: Didn’t really shape up to be quite as grand as we wanted and I wonder if team morale is dipping b/c we haven’t had lunch?