This is what we made for the word Attached

[ə-ˈtach] - verb

:create social or emotional ties

:be attached be in contact with

Highs & Lows

Carly Ayres

High: okok i'm into this. enjoyed tying some string around nicky. feeling pretty connected. would love to see how this could be expanded to analog-ly visualize networks and connections.
Low: no big lows. strong start. amped on this. glad the string was short because it's 7:54a rn.

Andrew Herzog

High: We made something that is interesting and makes sense for our first word. Feels like a good start.
Low: No real lows. Concepting took a little while but I think it was worthwhile.

Nicky Tesla

High: I like the result that we came up with— it’s like flipping the ‘low hanging fruit’ on its head to create something interesting.
Low: Not really a low on this one… pretty amped! I think it took a little longer to concept than it should have, and we were fortunate that the string wasn’t so long.