As a new design studio, we don’t have a defined creative process. So, we created A-Z Project as a way to develop one and put it to the test. Constrained by budget and time, we’re responding to 26 briefs over 26 hours starting November 15th at 7:00am until November 16 at 9:00am, 2016.

Through evaluation, we hope to arrive at a process to apply to our work as a studio moving forward. Through livestreaming and documentation, we hope others can take something away, too.

A-Z is part of an initiative we're doing to make the creative industry a little more accessible. We do this through projects where we share information, experiences, knowledge, mistakes, successes, failures, and processes in public space. We’re calling that initiative Creative Accessibility.

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The Rules

Each hour, a word is chosen at random from the dictionary.

The first hour, a word is chosen that begins with A. The second, B. And so on.

Participants must make something that responds to the word (our brief) — within the hour and budget (in our case, $500 for the entire 26 hours).

At the end of each hour, participants document, evaluate, and upload the work. (Hover over the black letters of the clock to see what we’ve made so far.)